The Funnest Way to Save the World 

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We Save the World champions love, nature, and young people everywhere.


So we invented a digital storytelling platform to make it easy for kids to unleash their fundraising superpowers.

Together we will raise over $1 Billion by 2030 to invest in programs  saving nature. 

Amor vincit omnia.

Your Mission: To save Nature from the harmful effects of global warming and pollution. 

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Your Choice: Our platform will provide over 10 missions to choose from, including saving red pandas, and we'll add more options every month throughout 2023.  


Join our email list and we'll let you know as soon as our storytelling platform goes live so you can check it out.  We're also looking for Partners, Donors, and Volunteers. 

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Amor vincit omnia.

Love Conquers All. We're confident our digital tool will help save the day and we won't give up. Ever.

Get to Know Us

We're wannabe superheroes who love nature and want everyone to enjoy it - forever!

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