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Who Are We

A Message From the Founder

We boldly call our  movement "We Save the World." So, who are "We", you want to know.


Students. Parents. Grandparents. Explorers. Creators. Educators. Scientists. Solutionaries. Doing our part to create a better future.

During the pandemic shut down, I had time to think about what matters most. As a mother and teacher,  I realized that nothing's more important to me than preserving Nature's eco-systems.

"How can I make a big impact?", I wondered. 


After exploring a variety of possibilities, I decided to use my background as a teaching artist and community organizer to create a storytelling platform. Our free platform equips young people with a powerful tool to champion environmental non-profits.


We're the first digital eco-hero launchpad and I can't wait to see the difference we'll make together.  

Love conquers all.

Bridget Palmer

Founder, We Save the World

March 2023

Yes, I grew up with a poster of a koala bear on my bedroom wall!

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